• 27/02/2019

    New digital and interactive magazine

    Dear Member,

    Adapting to new technologies has been part of that progressive evolution that ANCCE has been working for several years with its various communication systems. Specifically, the novelty in 2018 was when ANCCE deepened in its informative strategy and detected the need to move forward with the transformation of one of its mains and most appreciated communication channels: El Caballo Español magazine.
    After months of research and work with Grupo Zeta publishers, last November we assessed the option of converting a corporate magazine from paper into a digital and interactive magazine. At the same time, we sought to maintain the quality of contents as a differential tool but at the same time incorporating the growing advantages, benefits and opportunities available today for such a publication. Among these was adapting the magazine for easy reading on all types of electronic devices, which allow for greater effectiveness in terms of information, an expanded scope of coverage, increased dissemination, a greater audience and of course, accent the promotion of Purebred Spanish Horses as a brand name on national and international markets.

    In 2018, the paper edition of El Caballo Español celebrated its 40th anniversary full of commitments. Over the years, another language was incorporated, advertising increased as did the number of members…. This all kept the magazine alive and enriched it issue after issue; it was all possible thanks to the almost 1000 breeders who are members and associate members of ANCCE in sixty-six different countries. This new digital version is based on a simple page turner and uploaded onto a free portal known as Issue, with which it reaches out to more than 60,000 readers the world over. However, both the Press and Promotional Commission and the Executive Committee felt the need to advance and expand borders outside the realm of ANCCE breeders and members where it is been for the past four decades.

    The time had come to move forward and edit a new magazine. This new edition, in addition to improving its digital functions, is interactive with the advantages this entails for breeders, advertisers and readers. It is a now a green edition in which there is no need for ink and paper. It is accessible, available at any time and any place in the world as it allows us to distribute the magazine online to any desired country with a simple email, from which readers may consult it in full. Equally, the magazine may also be accessed from the ANCCE web site where it will be integrated, through the competition app, social networks or downloaded on a pen drive. This opens a wide range of access possibilities with thousands of users enjoying any give issue simultaneously. Also, it is easily organized by issue numbers and topics, with access to previous issues.

    When it comes to advertisers, advertisements will have “extra contents” that only such publications can provide; these possibilities include the incorporation of videos, links, animation, downloadable-immediate-access files, etc. Thus, it will all make our publication an all-inclusive and dynamic magazine with much greater commercial potential than its more limited paper edition.

    With all these advances, and many others that we are currently working on, we are making ANCCE a more modern, developed and multimedia oriented endeavor. Therefore, we hope you enjoy this new digital and interactive magazine (watch video).

    With no further ado and in the hope that you enjoy this new and exciting project, please accept my best wishes.

    Jose Juan Morales
    President of ANCCE  
  • Source — ANCCE — 27/02/2019