• 26/02/2019

    The latest new in International Dressage

    2019 ANCCE COVAP Cup for Dressage
    The new competition rules for the 2019 ANCCE COVAP Cup for Dressage open the road for the participation at competitions held anywhere in the world.

    This year, Purebred Spanish Horse riders and owners throughout the world have the possibility of qualifying their horses for the ANCCE COVAP Cup for Dressage Final to be held at SICAB 2019. There is a single ranking that will list all results for PRE pairs.

    The procedure to create an ANCCE COVAP Cup in your own country is quite simple; just designate the competitions of your choice by your national federation as ANCCE Cup events. Inform breeders and owners in your country regarding the calendar dates of the competitions selected to. Lastly, confirm it all with the ANCCE Dressage Department, to whom you will have to send the results once the event has taken place. The contact email is: rolivares@ancce.com. Automatically, all scores will be included on the ranking that is published and updated weekly on the ANCCE webs site.

    So that all results are standardized, remember that it is mandatory for horse/rider pairs to run the test for 4-year-olds and the FEI tests for 5, 6, 7 years, Prix St. Georges and Grand Prix at Category 2* and 3* National Competitions.

    If you are interested in requesting an ANCCE COVAP Cup for Dressage Competition in your country, click on this form.

    Lastly, remember that the eleven (11) top qualified pairs in each level of the ranking will participate in the ANCCE COVAP Cup for Dressage Final, to be held in November at SICAB 2019 (the International PRE Trade Fair) in Sevilla, Spain.


    2019 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses

    As reported in previous communiqués, the 2019 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses will be held in Ermelo (Holland) from the 1st to the 4th of August. This event is open to Purebred Spanish Horses, of 5, 6 or 7-years of age and that have attained the minimum established by the FEI at national and international competitions.

    Should a horse from your country surpass these requirements and should its breeder wish to be a member of the PRE Team at Ermelo 2019, they need to contact their national equestrian federation to be able to compete at said World Championships.

    This Link provides all of the necessary information for participation.

    Should you have doubts or need to consult any given aspect regarding the ANCCE COVAP Cup and/or the PRE Team attending the 2019 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses, contact the ANCCE Dressage Department at the following address: rolivares@ancce.com
  • Source — ANCCE — 26/02/2019
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