• 25/03/2008

    ANCCE gave the Minister of Agriculture a sculpture as Honorary Member

    In 2007, the ANCCE Assembly unanimously approved the motion to consider the Ministry of Agriculture an Honorary Member as a result of its work in defending and promoting the Purebred Spanish Horse.  
    The sculpture has traditionally been awarded to an individual or organization during SICAB; however, due to problems with her agenda, the Minister could not come to Sevilla and, therefore, the event was postponed until now and held at office of the Ministry of Agriculture.  

    Javier Conde, President of ANCCE, went to the ceremony flanked by several former Presidents and members of the Board, including Carmen Martínez de Sola, Adolfo Sánchez de Movellán and Miguel de Rojas.  Board members were accompanied by Pedro Maza and Augusto Romero, together with the General Secretary of ANCCE, Jaime Molina.
  • Source — ANCCE — 25/03/2008