• 08/10/2018

    Two PRE earned the category of “Excellent;” Five for the category of “Very Good” and ten “Good”

    40 horses participate in the 25th Final of the Young Horse Selection Tests for Dressage

    More than 95% of the participants horses were Purebred Spanish Horses

    The Real Club Pineda (Riding Center) in Sevilla hosted the Final for the Young Horse Selection Tests for Dressage from the 4th to the 6th of October in Sevilla, as established by the Ministry of Agriculture and coordinated by ANCCE.

    Of the 40 participating horses, 38 were Purebred Spanish Horses. Of these, only 2 earned the classification as Excellent for Dressage. In the 4-year-old category, Pegaso Los Arcos, a PRE owned by Jaime Moreno García – Centro Los Arcos and ridden by Gonzalo Aranaiz, earned the maximum category with an average of 75.000%. In the 5-year-old category, another PRE, Qu de Susaeta from Yeguada Susaeta and ridden by Guillermo García Ayala, placed well with an even higher score in the Final, with an average of 75.400%.

    Qu de Susaeta, Excellent in the 5-year-old category. Photo: Carlos Núñez

    Pegaso Los Arcos, Excellent in the 4-year-old category. Photo: Carlos Núñez

    Likewise, three other PRE horses in the 4-year-old category and two in the 5-year-old category were considered Very Good for Dressage. These included: Torero de Centurión, owned by Veiga da Luaira and bred by Yeguada Centurión (72.850%); Del Tibio Ciclón, owned by Hnos. Yáñez Azuaga and bred by Yeguada Ssamdi Bernal (72.800%) and Costalero XXV from José Antonio Romero Haupold (72.300%).
    Among the 5-year-olds, the PREs included: Seni Alazán, owned by Yeguada Morán and bred by Yeguada Senillosa (74.900%) and Cantora de Indalo from Yeguada Indalo (74.550%).

    Five 4-year-old PRE Horses earned the classification of Good, as did three 5-year-olds and two 6-year-olds. Among the 4-year-olds were: Nazareth KP from Yeguada La Angostura (71.300%); Claire DA, owned by Los Leales (70.900%); Ñiu JL from Yeguada Virgen de La Soledad and bred by Yeguada Jiménez Latorre (70.550%); Altanero CCIII from Yeguada La Cartuja “Hierro del Bocado” (69.500%) and Campero OH, owned by Yeguada Principado de España and bred by Orientalia Hispana (69.200%).
    Among the 5-year-olds were Milano KP from Yeguada La Angostura (71.400); Alboroto TMJ, owned by Yeguada La Tamujosa and bred by Yeguada Dehesa Vieja (70,200%) and Bandolero de Ramos from Yeguada SR4 (70.100%).
    Among the 6-year-old were Sun City Gal owned by Manuel Vera and bred by Moisés Gálvez Muriel (71.600%) and Chulito IV from Miura (69.800%).

    This test concludes the 2018 Performance Controls for Dressage. The participating horses were assessed genetically and may seek a genetic category as Young Recommended Breeding Stock. Horses earning a genetic category will be listed in the corresponding Breeding Stock Catalog and in the PRE Stud Book for worldwide coverage within the scope of the PRE Breeding Program.

  • Source — ANCCE — 08/10/2018
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