• 07/03/2008

    ANCCE continues to hold meetings with the regional and provincial Associations

    President Javier Conde, along with representatives of the Executive Committee and delegates, continues to hold meetings with the various regional and provincial Associations of Spain, to clarify and discuss the current situation with regards to important matters affecting ANCCE. The main topic to be covered has been the current situation, both nationally and internationally, of the Stud Book, in addition to tackling other subjects of interest suggested by breeders.   These meetings provide breeders with up-to-date and relevant information, to calm the sector and to dismiss the many doubts expressed by those attending the meeting, while openly debating any subject that may be of interest. More than 400 breeders and representatives from the various breeders associations attended these meetings.    The calendar of meetings for February and March is listed below:
    → Meetings in February:
    13 – February | Malaga, Asociación andaluza (Andalusian Association).
    14 – February | Sevilla, Asociación sevillana (Sevilla Association)
    21 – February | Madrid, Ganaderos de la zona centro (Breeders from the central area)
    25 – February | Huelva, Asociación onubense (Huelva Association)
    26 – February | Cordoba, Asociación de Córdoba (Cordoba Association)
    27 – February | Cadiz, Asociación de Cádiz (Cadiz Association)
    → Meetings in March:
    06 – March | Barcelona, Ganaderos de Cataluña (Breeders of Catalonia)
    10 – March | Granada
  • Source — ANCCE — 07/03/2008