• 24/07/2018

    Call for presenters and professional riders to teach the ANCCE training workshops

    Deadline for the presentation of résumé: 2 pm on July 27th

    Within the framework of the Training Commission, and to organize the training courses for the presentation of PRE Horses and initiation in Dressage, ANCCE summons professionals to present their résumé to select the best qualified teachers for these workshops.

    The following information must appear on your résumé:

    - Personal information (full name, phone number, email, etc...)
    - Academic qualifications
    - Previous posts
    - List of courses taught to date

    The deadline for the reception of résumés is until 2 in the afternoon on Friday, the 27th of July. Email your résumé to: rolivares@ancce.com

    For further information, feel free to contact the ANCCE Competition Department at +34-954-689-260 (option 2).
  • Source — ANCCE — 24/07/2018