• 20/07/2018

    ANCCE becomes a member of the Operational Group for marketing and exporting genetic material

    An initial work meeting has been held for this project at the offices of FEAGAS, which coordinated the Group.

    The Creation Operational Group (Grupo Operativo Creación) is a marking and export structure of genetic material, coordinated by Spain’s Federation of Select Livestock Breed Associations (FEAGAS). It obtained a favorable score in the order of precedence during the summons for Aid for the Training of Operational Groups, and, as indicated later, will be one of the projects approved in the Tentative Resolution to be published in a few weeks by the General Office for Rural Development.

    Thus, the members making up the Group have begun working to launch common ideas and proposals so that future projects are innovative, have full content and are as interesting as possible.

    On July 12th, the Operational Group held its first work meeting at the main offices of FEAGAS. A number of members attended said meeting including: Pedro J. Azor, representing ANCCE; María Fernández, representing ASEAVA (Spanish Association for Select Asturiana de los Valles Cattle Breeders; María Morodo, representing ACRUGA (National Association of Select Rubia Gallega Cattle Breeders; Jesús Centenera, from AGERON Foreign Commerce Consultancy; Rocío Sarasa and Pedro Calleja, from Esmedagro Consultancy; Manuel Luque, Executive Manager of FEAGAS; and Alejandro Gutiérrez, from the Federation Technical Department.

    During the meeting, attendees worked on defining the steps to follow from now on to establish an interesting project that facilitates the creation of a joint foreign marketing structure for our animals with elevated genetic value and their reproductive material. The status and situation of the sector has been defined to identify the most important points to be worked on, as well as the priority objectives that must be sought. In future months, all of these topics will be discussed.
    Also, during the meeting the work calendar was established, as well as the actions that the Group will undertake during the summer months. These include presenting the work already carried out and the objectives of the Operational Group, the presentation of informative pamphlets, the design of a web site, the drafting of an innovative project, etc.

  • Source — ANCCE — 20/07/2018