• 27/02/2008

    ANCCE organizes the “1st Carriage Driving Clinic” given by Juan Robles Marchena at the Finca La Torrecilla

    The several times carriage-driving champion of Spain, Juan Robles Marchena from Huelva, gave a clinic directed at all aspects of this discipline (Singles, Pairs, and Teams (four-in-hands), at the Finca La Torrecilla facilities.
    Held on February 22 and 23 at the facilities supplied by the breeder Juan Tirado, in Trujillo (Cáceres), the event was a great success. Juan Robles Marchena, an extraordinary driver, taught eight participants, during two intense days of work; these represented the Mater Christi, Yeguada Las Tenerías, Yeguada Juan Tirado, Yeguada Martín and the Escuela de Capitación Agraria de la Junta Extremeña (Extremadura Regional Government Ag School). In total, fifteen Pura Raza Español Horses took part in the various sections for Singles, Pairs, and Teams.  Some participants attended with their own turnouts while others were able to participate in the clinic thanks to the collaboration, once again, of Juan Tirado, who offered his own carriages for the classes. Representing ANCCE, the President of the Carriage Driving Commission, Mr. José Varo Garrido attended, and he appeared to be very satisfied with the results after the conclusion of the clinic. ANCCE is trying to deepen all knowledge about PRE horses and to do this, during 2008, it will be organizing clinics throughout Spain, and abroad, to train breeders and owners in the topics that are most often of interest.  Also, efforts are undertaken to endow the PRE horse with suitable training, to be able to enjoy the breed and value all of its virtues. Participant stud farms: - Ganadería Mater Christi:
    - Yeguada Las Tenerías
    - Yeguada Juan Tirado
    - Yeguada Martín
    - Escuela de Capacitación Agraria de la Junta de Extremadura.
    Participant Whips:
    - Pedro Pingarrón
    - Macarena Sanpedro
    - Álvaro de la Iglesia
    - Vicente López
    - Aureo Hernández Pozo
    - Juan Tirado
    - Enrique López Cozar
    - Luis Carlos Martín
  • Source — ANCCE — 27/02/2008