• 09/04/2018

    PRE Horses Joyero VG and Curioso JLE have been selected to represent Bermuda and Mexico at the 2018 World Equestrian Games

    Annabelle Collins riding Joyero VG and Bernadette Pujals with Curioso JLE will present Bermuda and Mexico at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon (North Carolina, USA).

    This last weekend, both horses and riders have earned their respective places after having surpasses the selection criteria established by the FEI at the CDI3* held in Segovia (Spain) and in Mexico City (two scores of at least 66% granted by the Field Judges and by two FEI 5* Dressage Judges, whose nationalities are other than that of the rider, at a Grand Prix event at two different CDI3* / 4*/ 5*/ CDI-W or CDIO during the qualification period).

    With the commencement of the season in March, and in the case of the pair formed by international rider Annabelle Collins and PRE Joyero VG—a 10-year old stallion owned by Yeguada Barcelona Horses and bred by Yeguada Velásco-González and that will be representing Bermuda—they surpassed the first qualifier average at a CDI3* held in Toledo (Spain). Joyero VG premiered in Grand Prix with a magnificent test where he earned an average of 68.457. Last weekend, at the CDI3* held in Segovia, this pair one again surpassed the 66% selection criteria to obtain an average score of 67.935, thus earning them a noteworthy fifth place.

    Meanwhile, in Mexico City this past Saturday, Olympic rider Bernadette Pujals with 17-year old PRE stallion Curioso JLE, bred by José Luis de la Escalera, won the Grand Prix CDI3*. They surpassed a second place win (68.587) four months ago to earn a score of 69.260 at another international event held in the city.

    Every four years, alternating with the Olympic cycle, the World Equestrian Games crowns the best athletes and horses in the Dressage world, among other equestrian disciplines. This year, international riders Annabelle Collins and Bernadette Pujals will be riding PRE Horses bred in Spain. To date, horses Joyero VG and Curioso JLE will be representing Bermuda and Mexico respectively, at the WEG held from the 11th to the 23rd of September in the picturesque location of Polk Country, in the town of Tryon, North Carolina (USA).

  • Source — ANCCE — 09/04/2018