• 09/04/2018

    40 years of El Caballo Español news

    It’s our anniversary!! El Caballo Español is celebrating four decades of news and we want to share the happiness with breeders and enthusiasts who read our magazine. Thus, to commemorate this milestone, a number of events to be held throughout the year. 

    Among other action, this commemorative logo will appear on all  ANCCE communication  channels; a special report will appear in issue number 240, which is currently being distributed. Several promotional contests have been programmed on social networks as #40añosRevistaElCaballoEspañol. You are encouraged to use it on your publications.

    The first issue of El Caballo Español appeared between April and May in 1978 (that was 40 years ago), at the hand of Director José Mª Martín Cornello. He was appointed by the Information Council, under the leadership of ANCCE President at the time, Juan Manuel de Urquijo y Novales. Born from the hopes and aspirations of its 58 members, it was a means to inform breeders in a timely manner regarding topics of interest and concern to PRE breeders and enthusiasts.

    Since then, membership numbers have grown, which has kept the magazine alive and enriched with another language. Thanks to this, El Caballo Español has become the first specialized magazine in the equestrian world to be published in two languages—Spanish and English. Currently, more than 1000 ANCCE breeders and enthusiasts from 65 countries are enjoying the magazine. On average, the digital version hosted on the ANCCE website is viewed by 63.547 users throughout the world.

    Over the past 40 years, 240 issues have provided information about the many highlights and achievements in PRE and ANCCE history. Equestrian and sports news have shown the world the many virtues of the Purebred Spanish Horse to provide the world with a global and universal vision of the breed.

    Today, El Caballo Español is a modern and stylish periodical, with refined lines where the photographs become the protagonists of the carefully selected reports. With the publication, we seek to stop the clock to the challenges the stress, fast-paced life and the immediateness of the contemporary world.

    Without you, dear reader, we would have never become what we are, so it is all thanks to you!

  • Source — ANCCE — 09/04/2018
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