• 05/03/2018

    2018 Genetic Assessments for Dressage, with more than 13,000 Horses

    Available on the Stud Book Web Site www.lgancce.com

    All essential information about PRE horses that have been genetically assessed for Dressage is
    now available on the PRE Stud Book web site (www.lgancce.com). You may consult the
    transmission traits to descendants for the specific characteristics assessed.

    For Dressage, a total of 13,509 genetic assessments have been performed (5,882 stallions and
    7,627 mares) on horses from 4,474 stud farms. In due course, the genetic values for
    conformation variables and the genetic index for Conformation Aptitudes for Dressage will be

    Horses meeting the established requirements obtain one of the genetic categories included in
    the PRE Breeding Program. Their names and data will appear in the 2018 Breeding Stock
    Catalog and be listed in the corresponding PRE Stud Book Register.

    By publishing the full list of horses with their genetic values on the web site, breeders have
    quick and easy access to a useful tool that contributes to improving their selection process and
    the genetics of their Stud farms. The names of all of these horses and the genetic category they
    hold (published in the Breeding Stock Catalog) are also listed.

    Thus, the PRE Breeding Program continues with its efforts to disseminate the improvement and
    genetic progression of future generations to advance stud farm productivity and competiveness
    which in turn guarantees feasibility. Users may select those breeding mares/stallion that interest
    them most to obtain progeny with specific traits; this, in turn, allows breeders to enjoy important
    advances in genetic selection for Dressage on their own stud farm.
  • Source — ANCCE — 05/03/2018