• 02/02/2018

    Public Draw to Select Judges for Conformation Competitions Held up to July 31

    Next Friday, the 9th of February, at 10 am at the ANCCE offices

    The public draw to designate the Judges for 2018 Conformation-Functional Competitions held until July 31st will be held on Friday, the 9th of Friday at 10 am. This draw will be broadcast live on the ANCCE web site. Members who so desire may attend the draw in person.

    As stipulated in the current Rules and Regulations, there will be a draw to select Judges based on the number requested by each of the competitions. In the case of those Organizing Committees that have not declared the number of Judges required, a minimum number will be drawn, as indicated in the Rules.

    Likewise, the order of the annual list of substitute Judges shall be assigned. These Judges shall work in those cases when the main Judge are unable to attend, and they shall follow the order as established by the draw.

    Finally, remember that you may consult the official competition calendar. There you will find information about the 58 conformation competitions, both national and d international, planned for 2018.

  • Source — ANCCE — 02/02/2018
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