• 30/01/2018

    Interactive web map to indicate the exact location of ANCCE breeders’ stud farms

    It’s an easy process in which a breeder may note the exact location of his/her stud farm

    We would like to remind you that throughout 2017, a series of improvements have been incorporated into the Private Zone on the ANCCE web site. Among such improvement incorporates an interactive Google Map where ANCCE breeders may indicate the exact location of their stud farms.

    There are times when the address that appears on the breeder’s technical file (such as the public section of the website) although correct, does not correspond to the exact location of the stud farm. Now, a breeder may offer internet users the exact location of the farm and a user-friendly guide for those who are interested in going to the stud farm. There is also direct access that marks the route on your cell phone.

    In addition to the location map, another option offers you the possibility of including additional indications that you deem necessary regarding how to reach the stud farm.

    It is an easy and intuitive process, so we encourage you to take advantage of this service.

  • Source — ANCCE — 30/01/2018
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