• 20/10/2017

    SICAB 2017 General Sports Information Newsletter

    The International Purebred Spanish Horse Fair (SICAB 2017) is just around the corner. The dates are November 14th to 19th. Herein is information about the various competitions that will be carried at the venue.

    In addition to the World PRE Championship, within the scope of the SICAB, a number of other competitions will also be held. The link below provides all of the dates for entries, the fee depending on the discipline, documentation to be presented, cash prizes, etc.

    [WEB] Further sports information

    Remember that to enter a horse, you must be in good standing with all payments and economic obligations with ANCCE.

    For the organizers, prize money is considered the gross amount. All applicable tax deductions will be applied as established by the legislation of Spain.

    Whatever the competition, to seek an economic award, stallions and mares must be registered in the PRE Stud Book, independently of the fact that said horse may or may not be a gelding, o approved for breeding.

    All participants in the various competition disciplines, both horses and riders, must have a Federation license (a valid territorial license).

    If you are interested in participating with your horses at SICAB 2017, please send an email to rolivares@ancce.com at the ANCCE Competition Department.

  • Source — ANCCE — 20/10/2017