• 05/10/2017

    ANCCE and the hospitality industry of Seville work to promote tourism with SICAB as the main reference

    ANCCE has signed an agreement with AEHS and AHS to join forces to promote Sevilla as a tourist destination through joint initiatives.

    ANCCE has agreed to a strategic alliance with AEHS, (from the acronym in Spanish for Hospitality Entrepreneur Association of Seville and its Province) and AHS (Hotel Association of Seville and its Province) to “promote and develop tourism in the Andalusian capital,” as pointed out by the representatives from the three organizations José Juan Morales, Pablo Arenas and Manuel Cornax, respectively.

    This alliance enjoys a number of important aspects, together with SICAB to “boost tourism, share efforts and develop joint promotional activities,” all of which lead to specific and timely actions.

    Regarding SICAB 2017 and based on data from the previous edition, ANCCE foresees that the economic impact for Sevilla will surpass 37.5 million euros. The main areas the benefit from SICAB activities are power and non-food industries, catering and commerce. Other sectors with special impact include hospitality (restaurants and accommodations), food and beverages, transportation and sales-related services.

    AEHS (Asociación Empresarial de Hostelería de Sevilla y su Provincia)
    This blanket association is made up of restaurant, cafeteria as well as other food and beverage establishment owners in Sevilla and its province. It represents a business sector with both qualitative and quantitative importance for the province.

    AHS (Asociación de Hoteles de Sevilla y su Provincia)
    AHS is a business organization composed of hotel entrepreneurs in the city of Sevilla and its province, whose activities seek, among others, to promote tourism in Sevilla by means of events such as “Summer Hotel Time” and Culinary Workshops held at hotel in the city.

  • Source — ANCCE — 05/10/2017