• 02/10/2017

    2017 Young Horse Selection Test Final

    From the 12th to the 14th of October at CECYL in Segovia

    The deadline to enter horse is next Monday, the 9th of October

    The final for the Young Horse Selection Tests for Dressage will be held from the 12th to the 14th of October at the Riding Center known as Centro Ecuestre Castilla y León (CECYL) in Segovia. The deadline to enter horses is next Monday, the 9th of October.

    ANCCE, as the organizers of this event, continues with its efforts to advance and improve the PRE Breeding Program. Once again, it will apply a series of discounts for breeders entering their horses. Efforts are also being made for the test to occupy as little time as possible to reduce costs due to stabling, accommodations, etc.

    Entre fees:
    Full-Fledged Member: €30 + VAT
    Associate Members: €50 + VAT
    Members of Associations that are members of ANCCE: €75 + VAT
    Non-members: €150 + VAT

    There are two good reasons for you to participate in this Final: obtain the genetic assessment of your horses and the genetic category as Young Recommended Breeding Stock for Dressage, if and when all of the necessary requirement are met. These include having a Global Genetic Index ≥ 100 and other healthcare requirements. Likewise, horses that are seven (7) years of age may obtain the category of Improver Breeding Stock and/or Elite Breeding Stock, if and when they meet all of the requirements established in the PRE Breeding Program.

    Participants in this Final obtain a coefficient of 1.2 for their respective score in the ANCCE Cup for Dressage ranking. Thus, ANCCE considers that participation in this event is convenient for the Purebred Spanish Horse Breeding Program and for the equine sector in general.

    [PDF] Young Horse SelectionTest Entry Form

    Finally, please be informed that the ANCCE Cup CDN3* will be held simultaneously. Breeders may present horses at both competitions. Should you be participating in both events, there is a 30% discount on the entry fee for Full-fledged Members of ANCCE, as established in the ANCCE Cup for Dressage Rules.

    [PDF] Young Horse Selection Test + ANCCE Cup CDN 3* Entry Form

  • Source — ANCCE — 02/10/2017