• 22/09/2017

    2018 ANCCE Calendar Contest

    Send us your best photos of Purebred Spanish Horses!

    Once again, ANCCE will be editing its traditional calendar with the best shots of Purebred Spanish Horses as part of a publicity campaign. The calendar shows the expression, noble spirit, versatility and functionality of PRE horses thanks to a series of photographs.

    The contest is governed by the following rules:

    1. Main Topic:
    The subject of the pictures presented shall be dedicated to Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE). PRE Horses must be seen in an evident manner in all shots.

    2. Participants:
    The contest is open to everyone. Should the contestant be a minor, signed consent must be presented by child’s father/mother or legal guardian.

    3. Deadline:
    Pictures may be presented as of today, the 25th of September until Friday, the 6th of October, 2017. After this deadline, no photographs will be accepted.

    4. Technical Requirements:
    ONE photograph may be presented per author. All shots must be original and unedited; in other words, the photo must not have been published previously in any media, nor shared on private web sites, social networks or similar sites, and/or a winner at any contest, nor may it have participated simultaneously in any other photographic contest.
    All photographs shall be emailed to ANCCE to the address mgonzalez@ancce.com and must meet the following requirements:
    -Digital format JPG, with maximum possible quality, ALWAYS greater than 3MB and with 300 ppp.
    - Compositions with more than one photograph shall not be accepted.
    - All photos MUST be horizontal.
    To be included in your email:
    - Participant’s information (full name, ID number (Passport/driver’s license), full address (street, town, province/state, country), phone number (land line & cell phone) and email).
    - Caption.

    5. Rejected Photos:
    ANCCE reserves the right to reject those photos that:
    - Fail to comply with the topic prosed.
    - Fail to include the documentation indicated above.
    - Are not original or whose author is questioned.
    - Surpass the maximum number of photos accepted from a single author.
    - Are considered inadequate.
    - Show violence, racism or pornography.
    The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any and all photos presented.

    6. Judges:
    The judges include members of the ANCCE Press and Promotion Commission. These people shall study the photos received, prior to publication.

    The winners shall be announced on Tuesday, the 10th of October; winners shall be informed personally by the organizers. ANCCE shall announce the winners publicly on its website, on social networks, and on any other means deemed appropriate, as well as sending the corresponding calendar to breeders throughout the world.

    7. Awards:
    All photos selected for use on the 2018 ANCCE Calendar shall mention the author’s name.

    8. Intellectual Property Rights:

    The mere fact that a contestant presents a photograph means that he/she grants ANCCE full ownership, free of charge, including the right to reproduce, reproduce, distribute, transform and share said photo with others, using any means throughout the world, for a maximum span of time, as foreseen in the legislation of Spain by means of Royal Decree 1/1996, dated the 12th of April, which approves the rewritten text for the Intellectual Property Law for the protection of transferred rights.

    By participating in this contest, the contestant fully accepts each and all rules and the indisputable decision of the judges. The contestant who sends in the photograph guarantees that he/she is the legitimate intellectual owner of said photo, which by virtue of participation in this contest, grants it to ANCCE. Therefore, ANCCE is not liable for any third-party claims derived from failing to comply with this guarantee. ANCCE will decide about the appropriateness of the work in terms of its publication and may technologically adapt, fragment and prepare it in the necessary format for publication.

    The contestant declares, under his/her own responsibility, that he/she complies fully with the conditions of this contest. Likewise, he/she accepts to being disqualified immediately if during or after the judges announce their decision said contestant failed to comply with the rules or if his/her statement were false, in full or in part, mistaken or doubtful, in which case, the contestant must return the award received.

    ANCCE is not responsible for the image rights that third parties may have due to the photo presented at this contest. The participants presenting photos with people—especially in the case of minors—must guarantee that they have specific authorization to disseminate said photo.

    ANCCE is not responsible for the consequences, damages or losses derived from failing to comply with these contest rules. The actual contestant is responsible in this regard.

  • Source — ANCCE — 22/09/2017