• 05/02/2008

    Ownership Cards

    We are well aware of the recent news about Ownership Cards, and the confusion that has arisen because the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) has accepted a formal complaint made by three breeders.  As a result, the Ministry of Agriculture has stated that the issuing and payment of the said OWNERSHIP CARD is not mandatory for breeders, but rather voluntary.  Therefore, the following must be noted: • As of January 1, 2007, the OWNERSHIP CARD is a new document that is attached to the PASSPORT of all horses registered by the LG PRE ANCCE (Stud Book) at no additional cost.  This means that all foals born as of the aforementioned date will have Ownership Cards as part of all documentation.   • The OWNERSHIP CARD, used in a number of European countries, arises from the need to have an updated animal census.  Until ANCCE was granted the Stud Book, each breeder was obliged to send in a stud farm census every December 31.  Over the years, this system has proven futile, as a large number of horses were not registered with the actual breeders who owned them.  
    Keeping the equine census updated according to the current authorization is one of the main obligations of the LG PRE Stud Book.  • Although the Stud Book is not an equine property register, it is true that the listings are being consulted more frequently than would be desirable by courts, tribunals and other public administrations.  Logically, the LG PRE Stud Book must legally provide reliable documentation for all actions undertaken.  • To date, the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book has NEVER demanded OWNERSHIP CARDS for horses registered by the previous organization (Cría Caballar), although it is true that, in the LG PRE Stud Book procedure, this document appears as the only legitimate document where there is a change in the OWNERSHIP of a PRE included in the Stud Book.   We are currently waiting for this measure to come into force, as its use is linked to the availability of horses with the aforementioned documentation.   • Logically, other breeders had to be given the opportunity of having the new document so that, should they desire, they, too, may possess an OWNERSHIP CARD for their already registered horses.  For this, the deadline was established, which was extended to July 31, 2007.  The price was established at eight euros (€8) to cover the actual issuing and postage for sending the card.  • Despite having surpassed the established deadlines for the legally established procedures, in an effort to provide breeders with better services, ANCCE, in charge of the PRE Stud Book, is not demanding that the “seller” turn over the OWNERSHIP CARD of horse to the “buyer” to accept any accepted legal document to facilitate breeder formalities and access to all documents for the largest possible number of horses.   • The formal complaints accepted by the MAPA establish the VOLUNTEER nature of the document in keeping with the mandates of the previous concession prior to the one granted to ANCCE.  The Ministry considered that one of the complaints was correct—something that nobody had requested—and allowing the other complaint to ask for a refund for this concept, upon returning the OWNERSHIP CARDS issued in his/her name. • In keeping with the mandates established in the terms of the new authorization, which allows ANCCE to establish those services deemed necessary for the correct handling of the Stud Book, the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book plans to continue issuing OWNERSHIP CARDS in the name of the new owners from the very moment ownership changes. • By no means does the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book strive to manipulate or mislead any breeder—just the contrary.  All the information provided is exactly as has been explained herein.  In any case, it is unfortunate to see inaccuracy in the interpretation; therefore, ANCCE will strive to make its explanations more understandable and general in the future.    • As of July 15, 2007, the LG PRE ANCCE web site has offered the procedure for changes in the ownership of horses.  By reading the procedure, you can clearly deduce that the document in question is NOT MANDATORY.  • All breeders are aware of the existing difficulties and the efforts undertaken by ANCCE to overcome these difficulties.  Due to the aforementioned, details of the criteria to be taken into consideration in terms of the Ownership Card are provided below: 1. The Ownership Card, as established by the procedure approved by the PRE Stud Book, will be, in the future, the only document valid for a change in the ownership of a horse.  2. ANCCE will announce, at least three months in advance, when it will be mandatory for the seller to obtain the said card.  Until that moment, those breeders who are planning to sell a horse and who do not yet have or have not requested the Ownership Card will have to request it by means of a “sworn affidavit” in which the owner/seller must state that he/she is the owner of the horse, its full name, and other characteristics.  The said affidavit must be signed by the seller and accompanied by a copy of his/her ID (passport/driver’s licence) number.
    For those horses that already have an Ownership Card, that card must be turned over, after having filled out all the details on the reverse side, to the new owner.  3. In any case, those horses that request participation in the Tribunals for Qualified Breeding stock must be in possession of the Ownership Card. 
    All those breeders who have requested the Ownership Card prior to July 1, 2007, and consider the said request and issuing a non-voluntary imposition may present a formal complaint before the Ministry of Agriculture General Livestock Office.  Once the complaint has received a positive answer, and upon returning the Ownership Card to the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book, the claimant has the right to a refund of the full amount paid.   Nevertheless, it is convenient to note that once the LG ANCCE Stud Book determines that it is obligatory to have this document, which can be done in virtue of the resolution for the new concession dated December 11, 2007, the price to be paid by the breeder will be in keeping with the established price when the petition for the document is made. 
  • Source — ANCCE — 05/02/2008