• 31/05/2017

    The deadline is just round the corner if you are planning to participate in the “PRE Horses” photography contest, sponsored by El Molino!!!

    Original photographs may be presented until June 2, 2017

    This year, the context is open to the global, cell phone phenomena

    Thanks to the excellent participation at previous editions, the ANCCE Press & Promotion Commission launches a new edition of the “PRE Horses” photography contest. This promotional campaign strives to show the expression, noble spirit, versatility and functionality of the Purebred Spanish Horse through images captured with a camera or a cell phone.

    The contest is governed by the following rules:

    1. Main Topic:

    The topic of the work presented shall verse upon Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE). As such, PRE horses must appear in an evident manner although they need not necessarily play an essential role.

    2. Participants:
    This contest is open to Full-fledged and Associate member of ANCCE, whether national and international members. Should the contestant be a minor, he/she must send in written consent from a parent or legal guardian to participate in this contest.

    3. Deadline:
    Original photographs may be presented between May 3 and June 2, 2017. Once the deadline has been reached, no photographs will be accepted.

    4. Technical Requirements:
    ONE photography may be presented per author. Photographs must be original and unpublished; in other words, the photograph must not have been used previously in any media, publication, private website, social media or similar, and the photo may not have been an award-winner at any prior contest, nor may the photo have participated in other events. Photos by professional photographers are not eligible for this contest.
    Photographs are to be sent to ANCCE, by email to centralita@ancce.com. All photos must meet the following requirements:
    - Digital JPG format.
    - Compositions from more than one photograph are not acceptable.
    - Images must not surpass 5 MB.

    To be included with your email:
    - Participant info (full name, ID/Driver’s License/Passport number, full address, including town, province/state and country, cell phone number and email address).
    - Name of Stud Farm.
    - Photo title.
    - Short description of the content represented in the photo.

    5. Rejected Work:

    ANCCE reserves the right to reject photos in those cases that fail to meet the topic, that are not original or considered inadequate. A photograph may be rejected for the following reasons:
    - Photos that fail to comply with the subject matter.
    - Those that do not include the correct documentation.
    - Photos that are not original or whose authorship is questionable.
    - When some type of automated system is used to rig the on-line voting.
    - When more than one photo per person has been sent.
    - When the work is considered inadequate.
    - When the work is violent, racist or pornographic.
    In all cases, the organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any work presented.

    6. Judges:
    The judges include members of the ANCCE Press and Promotion Commission. These people will moderate the photos received prior to publication and will announce the most voted for photographs—based on visits to the website—and the corresponding awards.

    The ANCCE website—www.ancce.com—will upload all photographs received so that viewers may vote for the one they like most. Voting will be open for three weeks, from June 6th to 20th. Each internet user may vote for a maximum of three (3) photos.

    The judges will announce their decision on Wednesday, June 21st and the organizers will contact all winners personally. Likewise, ANCCE will share this information with its members, the press, website, social networks and any other means of communion deemed appropriate.

    7. Awards:
    The winner will be the photo with the most votes.
    The first place winner will be awarded an Italia model dressage halter, gifted by equestrian equipment firm El Molino, worth €400 and an official ANCCE merchandising pack.

    There will be two runners-up for the second and third most voted photo. These will receive two (2) VIP passes for SICAB and five invitations to the grounds.

    8. Intellectual Property Rights:
    The mere fact that a contestant presents a photography means that he/she grants ownership to ANCCE free of charge, including the right to reproduce, distribute, transform and share said photo with others, using any means throughout the world for a maximum span of time, as foreseen in Royal Decree (of Spain) 1/1996, dated the 12th of April, which approves the rewritten text of the Intellectual Property Law for the protection of rights that have been transferred.

    By participating in this contest, the contestant fully accepts each and all rules and the indisputable decision of the judges. The contestant who sends in the photograph guarantees that he/she is the legitimate intellectual owner of said photo, which by virtue of participation in this contest, grants it to ANCCE. Therefore, ANCCE is not liable for any third-party claims derived from failing to comply with this guarantee. ANCCE will decide about the appropriateness of the work in terms of its publication and may technologically adapt, fragment and prepare it in the necessary format for publication.

    The contestant declares, under his/her own responsibility, that he/she complies fully with the conditions of this contest. Likewise, he/she accepts to being disqualified immediately if during or after the judges announce their decision said contestant failed to comply with the rules or if his/her statement were false, in full or in part, mistaken or doubtful, in which case, the contestant must return the award received.

    ANCCE is not responsible for the image rights that third parties may have due to the photo presented at this contest. The participants presenting photos with people—especially in the case of minors—must guarantee that they have specific authorization to disseminate said photo.

    ANCCE is not responsible for the consequences, damages or losses derived from failing to comply with these contest rules. The actual contestant is responsible in this regard.
  • Source — ANCCE — 31/05/2017