• 29/05/2017

    Request your VIP Breeder Stand at SICAB 2017 now!

    You have until July 15 (Saturday) to present y our request form

    As of today, you may contract a VIP Breeder Stand at the 27th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair, known to all as SICAB 2017. This year, the event will be held from the 14th to the 19th of November.

    You may present your request before Saturday, the 15th of July, with the following conditions:

    » Preference will be given to those breeders who are members of ANCCE and who had a VIP Breeder Stand in 2016.

    » The fee to reserve a VIP Stand is:
    €1500 + VAT for general requests.
    €1000 + VAT for members who in addition to reserving a stand also contract a stand.
    (The corresponding 10% VAT is applied to all prices)

    » Preferential contracting shall be maintained until the 15th of July (Saturday), if and when the corresponding reservation form has been sent in to the ANCCE office together with the payment receipt by means of a bank transfer to the account indicated on the form.

    » As of that date, and with no exceptions, all VIP Stands that have not been renewed will be distributed among those on the waiting list, based strictly on a first-come-first-serve order.

    » Breeders on the waiting list and who are granted a VIP Stand had ten (10) days to make the corresponding payment. Should said breeder fail to pay, that Stand will be granted to the next person on the list.

    Online VIP Breeder Stand Contract Form

    I hope that this information is useful and of interest to you.


    José Varo Garrido
    President of the SICAB Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/05/2017