• 11/05/2017

    Results of the Survey Regarding the Current Judging System for Conformation Competitions

    In an effort to have and assess the general opinion, the Competition Commission sent out a survey to all Full-fledged members of ANCCE on the 30th of March, asking them to evaluate the current judging system for Conformation Competitions.

    The questionnaire, with fourteen (14) multiple choice questions, was emailed to all 660 members and 63 associations. It was also published on the ANCCE website. All in all, 116 respondents filled out the questionnaire, which is a 16% response rate.

    A report showing the results obtained for each value appears on a graph.

    [PDF] Download survey results

    We would like to thank those members who invested their time to answer this survey. The results have been assessed by the Commission and other ANCCE management bodies.
  • Source — ANCCE — 11/05/2017