• 19/04/2017

    The Jerez Horse Fair celebrates its golden jubilee by creating the “Mare Champion of Champions” Award

    EQUISUR, the traditional Conformation Competition held in Jerez de la Frontera (in Jerez, Cadiz), will be held between the 17th and the 20th of May at the IFECA Fair Grounds. This event is celebrating half a century of history, thus making it the oldest of all Purebred Spanish Horse competitions. To celebrate this Golden Jubilee, the Organizing Committee, with the assistance of the Consultancy Committee, has decided to create the “Mare Champion of Champions” Award.

    This award follows the steps of the “Stallion Champion of Champions” that has been in use for decades. It is a recognition that rewards the best mare of any purebred breed that has been declared a Champion within her breed, and in comparison with the other breeds competing at the event.
    Apart from creating this new award for mares—which offers a trophy, although a financial reward has not yet been considered as the budget is closed and lacks specific funding—another relevant development has been included in the (Stallion) Champion of Champions Award. In this case, the winner also receives a €3000 reward.

    All stallions seeking this award will have to perform a basic functionality test to demonstrate their three natural paces, in both reins. The functional test is freestyle, with the rider not being conditioned except for the time limit, which is a maximum of five minutes. Until now, this test was not required when it came to granting the award; as of this year, it is considered a complementary test to conformation.
    The scores for the 2017 “Champion of Champions” Award are:
    - 25% of the total score from movements when presented in hand.
    - 50% of the total score from the assessment of morphology/conformation.
    - 25% of the total score from the functionality test.

    In the case of mares:
    - 30% of the total score from movements when presented in hand.
    - 70% of the final score from the assessment of morphology/conformation.
    - There is no functionality test.

    The Champion of Champions Awards may be obtained by the mare and stallion that has obtained the highest mathematical average once all of the coefficients listed.
  • Source — ANCCE — 19/04/2017