• 18/04/2017

    ANCCE launches an entry fee reduction plan for two Young Horses Selection Tests in 2017

    Thanks to its continued efforts to move forward and develop the PRE Breeding Program, ANCCE has launched an entry free reduction plan for two of the Young Horse Selection Test (PSCJ) in an effort to increase participation levels and the number of performance tests for Dressage.
    In addition to the tests already included on the 2017 Calendar, ANCCE will organize two additional tests for Young Horses, specifically for horses that are 4, 5 and 6 years of age, and at a reduced entry fee: (Navalmoral de la Mata: May 23 & 24 and Jerez de la Frontera: September 11 & 12).

    Entry Fees:
        Full-fledged Members: €30 + VAT.
        Associate Members: €50 + VAT.
        Members of Associations that are members of ANCCE: €75 + VAT.
        Non-members: €150 + VAT.

    Participation at these tests qualify for the Young Horse Selection Test Final—organized by ANCCE—and considered a CDN 3* classifier for the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage.

    These tests are carried out using the same system as the ANCCE Cup tests (4, 5, and 6 years, preliminary and final). Depending on the number of entries, the two tests will be performed on a single day or in several. All participating horses must have the corresponding Federation License; a territorial license is considered valid when the test is held in that same region.

    All participating horses will be assessed genetically; if and when a horse meets the corresponding requirements, it will obtain one of the categories established in the PRE Breeding Program and its name will appear in the 2018 Breeding Stock Catalog. Moreover, each horse may be assessed using the Linear Conformation Scoring as well as its conformation a genetic point of view. Thus, a horse may also obtain the corresponding genetic category for Dressage and be listed in the Breeding Stock Catalog.

    The ANCCE website offers all of the necessary information to attend these and other Young Horses Tests foreseen throughout 2017. Should you have any doubts or need clarification and further information, please feel free to contact the ANCCE Competition Department at +34-954-689-260 (option) or email rolivares@ancce.com 
  • Source — ANCCE — 18/04/2017