• 11/04/2017

    The Technical Committee of Judges temporarily suspends Judge Arcadio de Senillosa

    The Technical Committee of Judges has forwarded a report informing of the launching disciplinary actions against Conformation-Functional Judge Arcadio de Senillosa Rosales, for an allegedly serious offence against the Conformation Competition Rules and Regulations and the Judging Disciplinary Code.

    The ANCCE General Director has been appointed as the instructor of the file.  Once the accusations were sustained and a final decision reached in keeping with the current legislation, tentative measures have been implemented that hinder Arcadio de Senillosa from judging competitions.

    Consequently and given that this Judge was to judge the City of Industry Competition in the USA next month—as established in the corresponding draw—the Technical Committee of Judges shall proceed to replace him for the corresponding substitute, following the established rules for the appointment of competition judges in 2017.  

    Likewise, the Competition Commission would like to inform of changes in the Judge for the Honduras Conformation Competition. Vicente Jodar Fernández will be attending the event as Judge.
  • Source — ANCCE — 11/04/2017