• 24/01/2008

    Explanatory note for Breeders and 2008 conformation competitions organizing committees for the participation yearlings

    Faced with the problems and doubts that could arise with entries for yearlings in the qualifying competitions for the 2008 Spanish National Championships—which begin on the 27th February, as on that date some horses may lack their mandatory Passport—ANCCE is informing breeders and organizing committees about the accepted conditions for participation: Any horses wishing to compete in 2008 in the sections for yearlings in any competition must have their identity accredited by the following methods: • With their own passport, should this have been issued. • With the copy of the pre-registration, which all breeders who have requested the registration of a horse must. • Should both the passport and the pre-registration document be missing, the breeders must request the PRE Stud Book appointed veterinarian for their area to issue an Official Certificate issued by the LGPRE itself. This certificate must state that the registration of the horse in question has been correctly requested and is currently in course. This document will be cost-free for any breeder who requests it. • The Organizing Committees must accept any entries that provides the abovementioned documentation.
  • Source — ANCCE — 24/01/2008