• 03/04/2017

    Design your own advertising campaign for the various ANCCE channels

    Enjoy a 20% discount on the general rate for all publicity formats: magazine, web, app and SICAB.TV


    With 38 years of history, this publication is the first and oldest Purebred Spanish Horse breeder magazine. The hardcopy version is idea for a publicity campaign targeting a specialized audience, PRE consumers and equestrian product users. Below is a link with all essential info such as fees, formats, print runs, coverage, etc. ANCCE members can be found all over the world; that is why the magazine is published in both Spanish and English, thanks to which it is highly appreciated by internationals. Also, the magazine is published in full on Internet. Its digital version is sent to more than 20,000 breeders who are registered with ANCCE and an extensive database that includes embassies, brand names, sponsors, equestrian clubs…

    [PDF] El Caballo Español magazine publicity dossier

    Internet has become the strongest communication channel in today’s world. It reaches far and wide to access a specific target audience. That makes it an essential tool for any stud farm interested in growing and contacting other markets.

    There are three publicity banners that contact breeders, enthusiasts, riders and the desired target audience in a direct and efficient manner to improve your web site’s position on the World Wide Web. Starting at €160/month, advertise your brand on one of the main Internet portals that receives an average of 77,500 single visits per month.

    [PDF] ANCCE publicity dossier

    The creation of specialized apps has skyrocketed with the use of mobile devices and tablets. ANCCE too has its own app! Unlike other channels, it is the only app that offers official results and the genealogy of PRE horses participating in Conformation and Dressage. Launched in 2015, the ANCCE app has 8000 downloads from more than 105 countries, with an average permanence of 6 minutes per user. This certifies that this app is a favorite among Purebred Spanish Horse breeders. The annual fee for a banner is €1600 + VAT.

    SICAB TV is the International PRE Trade Fair (SICAB) broadcast platform. In 2016, there were 353,330 visits from more than 83 countries. The TV channel offered more than 80 broadcast hours and 900 videos on demand.

    [PDF] SICAB.TV publicity dossier

    For further information about the various supports, annual advertising campaigns, specific publicity and contracting, contact Inmaculada Rodríguez prensa@ancce.com or call her at +34-954-689-260 (option 2).

  • Source — ANCCE — 03/04/2017