• 27/02/2017

    Summary of the main agreements reached by the Executive Committee in February 2017

    Following the commitment of the Board of Directors to inform members about the advances and work of both the Executive Committee and the various Committees, here is a list of the agreements reached at the meeting held on February 16th at the ANCCE office:

    - Request the SICAB Commission to study the feasibility of creating a VIP zone at SICAB 2017.

    - Analyze, at the request of the Competition Commission, the meeting of judges held in Madrid on the 1st of February. This meeting was to teach judges about changes in the Rules & Regulations and the latest competition procedures.

    - Awareness and analysis of a new breeder survey regarding competitions and judges to learn the latest opinion of the sector. Within a few days, the survey questionnaire will be sent to ANCCE members.

    During the meeting, other topics were studied and assessed. Being that these are annual matters, they will be implemented throughout the year with specific actions. You will be informed in due course.

  • Source — ANCCE — 27/02/2017