• 30/01/2017

    ANCCE’s Official Competition App is a success!

    This App has become a favorite among Purebred Spanish Horse breeders

    Since it was launched in 2015, ANCCE’s Official Competition application has hit the 8000 download mark, and from more than 105 countries! It has also had 635,690 accesses that have consulted 2,488,079 pages and have stayed—on average per user—more than 6 minutes. These statistics have made the ANCCE App a favorite among PRE breeders who are online followers of Conformation Competitions, the results from the ANCCE Cup for Dressage and where breeders also advertise their stud farms. To date, the app banners are seen by 5000 people daily, which have made them an ideal publicity option to reach breeders, enthusiasts, presenters, riders and related industries all over the world in a very direct and effective manner. As yet, it is the only App that shows the official results and genealogy of any PRE horse participating in Conformation or Dressage.

    Remember that this application provides you with quick access not only to results, but also classifications, scores, rules, videos and photographs as well as exclusive information. Follow Conformation Competitions live and access them in a fast and simple manner. The App provides you with official family tree information for the participating horses as it appears in the ANCCE PRE Stud Book. Search competition history and in the case of Conformation, the App allows you to see the detailed scores of judges and compare score developments throughout the year.

    The application allows for 15 advertisers; take advantage of the 2017 publicity campaign to promote your stud farm. Time is running out! For further information about advertising on this App, and the steps to follow, contact Inmaculada Rodríguez at prensa@ancce.com or phone her at +34-954-689-260 (option 2).

    If you still haven’t got the App in your cell phone or tablet, download it now! It is your free guide for results and information with a single click!

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  • Source — ANCCE — 30/01/2017