• 19/01/2017

    The Dressage Commission continues to work on the 2017 Seasonal Sports Plan

    José Antonio García Mena and Jorge Conde with two horse/rider combinations at a training session
    José Daniel Martin Dockx to be included as trainer within the Seasonal Sports Plan for Juniors

    The Dressage Commission continues to work on the 2017 Seasonal Sports Plan; this year, the total amount invested surpasses that of last year.  The main priority is to defend and promote the Purebred Spanish Horse with aid, assistance, advice and collaboration when preparing breeders and rider.  Likewise, this program seeks to promote the number of quality contestant at all levels so that in the long run, PRE horses are once again seen in the World Championship for Young Horses.

    The challenge of this sports plan is to promote the best horse currently competing at the grass-roots level, and discover those with potential, to then create an active group of horses and riders for Dressage competitions at the various levels.  

    In the light of the success in 2016 (with more than 100 participants), the Dressage Commission has decided to continue with the Seasonal Sports Plan throughout 2017. The work protocol will be exactly the same, with Jorge Conde being responsible for the program and José Antonio García Mena, as trainer. 

    This year, a new phase has been incorporated into the Plan for Adults.  To attend a greater number of breeders, the groups have been divided into Andalusia and Murcia.  

    In 2017, the dates and location of the concentrations are: 

    1st ALMERIA » January 11 – 12 (CONCLUDED)
    2nd BARCELONA » January 23 - 24
    3rd JEREZ » February 14 - 15
    4th SEGOVIA » March 29 - 30

    As reported last November, the Seasonal Sports Plan has incorporated the possibility of training Junior horses/riders.  The work protocol will be exactly the same, but obviously focusing on Juniors and Young Riders up to the age of 25, and in the six categories.  In this case, the trainer assigned by the technical team is Olympic rider with ample experience in Dressage, José Daniel Martín Dockx.

    The dates and locations of the concentrations for Juniors are:

    1st MALAGA » February 11 - 12
    2nd BARCELONA » February 25 - 26
    3rd SEGOVIA » March 25 - 26

    In both categories, entry is free of charge for full-fledged members of ANCCE; in the case of non-members, the entry fee is €150 per venue. To formalize the entry, the essential requirement is that the horse entered must be owned by the person presenting the entry. In the case of Juniors, the ownership of the horse will not be taken into consideration for the time being. 

    From ANCCE, we would like to encourage breeders, both members and non-members to actively collaborate and participate in this project.  Send your entry form together with a 3-minute video of horse and rider or any other information deemed appropriate to either of the emails provided herein: jacobo@ancce.com, jcondela@gmail.com

    We will try, to the extent of our possibilities, to incorporate most of the horses/riders that sign up to search for the success of Purebred Spanish Horses in Dressage.  

    Finally, all of the information about this seasonal plan will be published on the ANCCE web site in the section dedicated to Competition – Dressage – Seasonal Sports Plan.  This information will be updated as the project unfolds, develops and results come in.

    [PDF] Entry Request

    [PDF] Entry Request for Juniors
  • Source — ANCCE — 19/01/2017