• 17/01/2008

    ANCCE Board of Directors Meeting

    ANCCE Board of Directors Meeting This past 11th of January, the ANCCE Board of Directors met in Sevilla, with the participation of 32 board members and Association representatives and 22 members represented by proxy.  The meeting was held at the Plaza de Armas Hotel, where participants analyzed the current situation of the Association and the Stud Book, as well as other projects awaiting a solution in the short-term. Likewise, the celebration of an extraordinary general assembly was approved unanimously for March 8th, in Sevilla. The objective of this assembly is to keep members up-to-date of the current situation after the resignation of the former President, an event of major importance.  In due course, all ANCCE members will receive the summons and the agenda for the meeting. The Board unanimously approved the creation of a Disciplinary Committee, in keeping with Association statues, to settle the disciplinary files opened against Mr. José Palma Moreno and Mr. Luis Castel Romero. The disciplinary Committee consists of Mr. José Mª Rojas Palatín, Mr. José Juan Morales and Mr. Miguel García Diéguez.  All of these men are both breeders and members of ANCCE that are not on the Board of Directors in an effort to respect the autonomy that this type of organization must have.  The computer application by SADIEL has been launched. This allows veterinarians to do fieldwork and print passports for the foals born in 2007 that have surpassed the necessary controls in terms of parentage and breed features, as demanded by the Stud Book.  The latest draft of the new Conformation Competition Rules is almost finished, thanks to the ideas given by members, associations, breeders and judges.  In short, it will be published so that the final allegations may be made and, after a prudent period of time, will be sent to the Executive Committee and the Board for final review and approval.    For more information, please write to prensa@ancce.com

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  • Source — ANCCE — 17/01/2008