• 09/01/2017

    Purebred Spanish Horses included in the Marca España institutional video titled “Spain Everywhere, España en todo el mundo”

    The Spanish Horse is considered an icon and hallmark of Spain

    The New Year begins with a number of very important promotional activities for both the Purebred Spanish Horse and the equine sector. Among the objectives laid out by the Press, Promotion and Marketing Commission is for government policy and national bodies to recognize the PRE as an icon and symbol of Spain. After a relentless year of promotional efforts and institutional liaisons, success is being achieved.

    Marca España (Brand Spain) has included the PRE in its traditional institutional video for 2017 to consider the breed one of Spain’s most representative cultural icons. The initial advertisement premiered on January 1st, just after midnight on national TV (Televisión Española) and the broadcaster’s International Channel. It is currently being launched on Marca España and ANCCE social networks through #SpainEverywhere.

    Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, the High Commissioner for Marca España, will publically present the full, 3-minute institutional video on January 17th at a press conference. When the time comes, and once presented, you will be sent a final copy of the advert. Until then, a 1-minute summary will be sent out showing a PRE ridden by an American rider during a Dressage Clinic in the US, taught by Olympic rider José Daniel Martín Dockx.

    This year’s dizzying production shows the presence of Spain and Spaniards everywhere in the world, to show its culture, customs, cuisine, art, businesses, innovation, technology, etc. It is an audiovisual review of places throughout the world where Spain and its elements have left their mark.

    Thus, with this inclusion and for the very first time, the institution Marca España has expressed the importance of Purebred Spanish Horse breeding for Spain and in the more than 65 countries where it can be found. Undoubtedly, this recognition on behalf of Marca España provides added value for a native equine breed, both on the national and international scene to become an icon and hallmark value for Spain.

    From ANCCE, we would like to thank Marca España for its unconditional support when promoting our native breed. Since the initial contact last year with institution’s work group, which quickly understood that the Spanish horse is one of Spain’s greatest historical and cultural expressions, they have shown nothing but generosity, service and collaboration to continue reaching out to attain the major challenges and guarantee the promotion of the PRE both within the borders of Spain as well as abroad.
  • Source — ANCCE — 09/01/2017