• 29/12/2016

    Once again, Justice has been served in the Marcador Case

    As reported in the various communiqués, ANCCE, as the organization handling the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book and in an effort to retain the purity of the breed, removed, in 2010, the horse Marcador from the PRE Stud book, as well as all of its descendants. The measure was taken due to founded proof of false documentation.

    Since that date, a number of breeders have been affected. These breeders presented a lawsuit against this measure. The most recent case was breeder Antonio Gorreta Suero who demanded 150,000 euros in damages due to the removal of Marcador and his progeny from the register. An initial sentence was handed down on June 8, 2016 with the courts rejecting the suit against ANCCE in full, and the plaintiff being ordered to pay all court costs.

    Antonio Gorreta, on the other hand, appealed the initial sentence which was rejected. The court’s final decision states that “ANCCE, the defendant, not only complied with the Law and the rules of procedure when not being guilty nor negligent in any way, but also it never participated in the damaging criminal action, thus being more a victim than the source of the damage, in which it (ANCCE) has specifically sought that said action not go unpunished, has behaved as it should to preserve national heritage, which is the PRE equine breed.”

    [PDF] Download the sentence dated December 20, 2016 (in Spanish only)

    Thus, ANCCE concludes another legal action with favorable results. Once again, justice has verified the correct actions on behalf of ANCCE as the body handling the PRE Stud Book and as the responsible agency to ensure the coherence of the measures taken to preserve, improve and promote the Purebred Spanish Horse as a breed.
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/12/2016