• 23/12/2016

    Results of the survey regarding changes in Conformation Competition Rules & Regulations

    On December 13th, the Competition Commission sent a survey to all full-fledged members of ANCCE seeking their opinion about a number of Conformation Competition aspects. The Commission wanted to know the general opinion and have a majority vote from its members, the results of which are binding for the 2017 Rules & Regulation changes.

    The survey is structures in three sections, each of which contains a number of questions regarding specific topics:
    • Judges
    • Awards
    • Competition Sections

    The survey was sent to 698 members and 41 Association by means of the link included in an email. It was also published on the ANCCE web site. Of these, 92 accessed the questionnaire, which is a 12% response rate.

    The report with the results regarding the opinions is included herein as a graph. Text responses are not included.

    Download survey results

    We greatly appreciate breeder participation in this survey. The opinion of the majority will be useful to adapt the 2017 Conformation-Functional Competitions Rules.

  • Source — ANCCE — 23/12/2016