• 13/12/2016

    SURVEY: Changes in Competition Rules & Regulations

    As agreed by the President of ANCCE and the Competition Commission, the most significant changes in the 2017 Competition Rules and Regulations are currently under consideration by our members. Decisions will be adopted based on majority vote.

    Therefore, a questionnaire has been drafted so that you may assess the various contents regarding the Rules for Conformation Competitions. Please vote for one of the various options; when a given option has a majority vote, it may then be incorporated into the document.

    This survey will help update the Rules & Regulations in keeping with the majority opinions of ANCCE breeders. We are extremely interested in knowing your opinion. It is important for us that you take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and we would appreciate any suggestion or contribution you might have to help us actively improve the 2017 Rules for Conformation-Functional Competitions.
    The deadline to receive answers is Monday, the 19th of December at p.m.

    [WEB] Go to the survey (for Full-fledged members of ANCCE only) - FINALIZADO PLAZO

    I hope that this questionnaire is of interest to an ample number of breeders. Please accept my best wishes.

    Kind Regards,

    Antonio Moya Almendral
    President of the Competition Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 13/12/2016