• 25/11/2016

    The President Gratitude

    Another edition of SICAB—and this makes 26—has just concluded, although there is still work to be done, including dissembling, squaring up the accounts, acknowledging input and many other aspects that will take weeks to conclude sight-unseen.

    Despite the bad omens, this edition ran smoothly and to perfection. If we really consider the true content that SICAB must have for ANCCE—which is to be a commercial showcase to promote the Purebred Spanish Horse—then this endeavor is something that nobody should jeopardize due to egotistical or personal questions as the final results benefit the entire sector; in other words, all of us.

    Some have only noticed the decrease in Conformation participant numbers, which it true. But this is nothing more than an indication of what has happened over the past years, in which there has approximately a 20% decrease in participation. However, no one has stopped to look at the increased numbers in the various other disciplines.

    Over the next few years, I am convinced that this will be the tendency. When it comes to Conformation-functional Competitions—if we manage to maintain fair and just criteria—only those horses with true possibilities of wining an outstanding place will participate. Our future must move towards sports, where a growing number of horses are participating. It is the market that establishes future tendencies for the breed to follow.

    I am truly proud of the events at SICAB this year, and for several reasons. First of all, there was a magnificent breeder environment that could be felt throughout the venue halls, where breeders were willing collaborators with the Organizing Committee. There were no incidences worthy of mention. All the contrary; there was always someone willing to lend a hand when a hurdle arose. On the other hand, I honestly believe that this year, SICAB fulfilled its fundamental purpose, which is to be an effective means to sell horses. News has reached me that important transactions were carried out and that satisfied my hopes as the visible head of SICAB. Horses have been sold to new destinations such as Peru and Kazakhstan as well as others where PRE horses have not been bred. This seems to indicate that the market is slowing gaining momentum to favor the sector’s interests.

    In all other terms, I think that everything unfolded normally. No doubt, we have made an endless number of mistakes; there were aspects that escaped out control and it is in these areas that I request your collaboration. Please help us improve; your critique and opinion about matters that are susceptible to improvement are more than welcome. My hope is to have a Trade Show that is better tailored to the needs of ANCCE members. The time has come to summarize the event and plan for the future, but your opinion is crucial.

    Lastly, I would personally like to thank you—as does the Organizing Committee—for the help received from breeders, who are the driving force behind SICAB. Without your input and participation, this event would be meaningless.

    As always, my door is open and anxious to receive your suggestions and contributions.
    Please accept my best regards.
    Juan Tirado Agudo
    President of ANCCE
  • Source — ANCCE — 25/11/2016