• 20/11/2016

    SICAB concludes with the PRE & Pura Raza awards for Cayetano Martínez de Irujo & Ainhoa Arteta

    Online sales increased 40% over last year

    Once again, SICAB welcomed more than 200,000 visitors

    The 26th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair—SICAB 2016—organized by the National PRE Breeders’ Association (ANCCE) has surpassed all expectations, with more than 200,000 visitors. As has been the case at previous editions, Thursday to Sunday saw the largest crowds. SICAB closed its gates today at 7:00 pm.

    This year, www.sicabentradas.com, the box office sales platform, proved to be the preferred method when purchasing tickets. Online sales increased by 40% compared to 2015 statistics. When attending the trade fair and in an effort to avoid waiting in line, more and more people prefer online advance ticket purchases.

    At SICAB, there were 1069 participating Purebred Spanish Horses from 342 stud farms. Most outstanding were the many international stud farms that travelled to Sevilla for the venue. The organizers welcomed delegations and breeders from the United States, Mexico, Cost Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Switzerland, to mention a few; this means that 15% of all participants were internationals. Moreover, more than 330 journalists from a wide range of nationalities registered for SICAB to provide world-wide coverage.

    Digital SICAB
    www.sicab.tv broadcast all of the various equestrian competitions live; more than 389,292 viewers from over 92 countries connected to watch the many events. As well as TV, viewers could follow SICAB from their hand-held devices thanks to the official ANCCE competition App. During SICAB, this App was used by 63,210 people from more than 52 countries.

    Regarding social networks, the official SICAB Facebook page reached 464.488 followers. Twitter had similar increases, with 6003 followers—800 more than last year—in addition to the 7812 Instagram followers—2292 more than in 2015.

    PRE Awards
    Once again, and for the third consecutive year, the PRE Awards were granted to distinguished personalities for their contributions and recognized virtues, similar to those of the Purebred Spanish Horse. The winners of the various PRE Awards were: Hola magazine—Grandeza PRE Award; bullfighter Juan José Padilla, Coraje PRE Award; journalist Juan Ramón Lucas, Expresión PRE Award; Banco de Alimentos (food bank), Nobleza PRE Award; actors Antonio Velázquez and Carlos Pereira, ARTE PRE Award; Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, Alta Escuela PRE Award and Ainhoa Arteta, Cadencia PRE Award. All received their awards at the commencement of the Show on Sunday afternoon.

    Competition Results

    World’s Best PRE Breeder: Mater Christi
    World’s Reserve Best PRE Breeder: María Fernanda de la Escalera de la Escalera
    World’s Best Exhibitor: Yeguada Trujillo
    World Stallion Champion: VAGABUNDO XX, owned by Antonio Durán Altimira and bred by Yeguada Can Maynou
    Reserve World Stallion Champion: FOCO IV, owned by Albert Boya Abadía and bred by Los Retamales S.C.
    World Mare Champion: PANADERA LVIII, owned and bred by María Fernanda de la Escalera de la Escalera
    Reserve World Mare Champion: XM VINATERA, owned by Yeguada Andic and bred by Miguel Bohórquez
    World Colt Champion: YUCATÁN DE RAMOS, owned by Yeguada SR4 and bred by Yeguada Torrehermosa S.L.
    Reserve World Colt Champion: HEBREO BIO, owned and bred by Yeguada Bionest
    World Filly Champion: PRIMAVERA MZ, owned and bred by María Zara Pérez
    Reserve World Filly Champion: HECHURA MATER, owned and bred by Mater Christi
    World Champion of Movement: ATREVIDO MANGO, owned and bred by Yeguada Andic
    Reserve World Champion of Movement: PRIMAVERA MZ, owned and bred by María Zara Pérez
    World Functionality Champion: ULES VDOS, owned by Finca Lo Tacón and bred by Hermanos Camacho Benítez
    Reserve World Functionality Champion:
    FER GALLARDO, owned by Juan José Montes Sánchez and bred by Yeguada Ferrero S.L.

    Best Breeder: YEGUADA CANDAU.
    1st Place 4 years: POETA DE SUSAETA, owned and bred by Yeguada Susaeta
    1st Place 5 years: PERDIDO CAD, owned and bred by Yeguada Mendaza “Cadema”
    1st Place 6 years: JOYA FS, owned and bred by Yeguada Arroyomonte
    1st Place 7 years: JUNCAL LXXXVII, owned by Alfonso Gormaz Navarro and bred by José Antonio Olivas Agustín
    1st Place in Prix St. George – Kür Inter: BAJEL DE VALDESOL, owned by Yeguada Valdesol and bred by Gonzalo Valenzuela Ruiz
    1st Place Grand Prix – Kür Grand Prix: FENOL II, owned and bred by Yeguada Militar Jerez de la Frontera


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  • Source — ANCCE — 20/11/2016