• 08/01/2008

    Newsletter for US Breeders

    Javier Conde Cerrato
    Presidente ANCCE Dear friends, First of all, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and successful 2008. At the start of the year—which has just ended—we were excited about the fact that by April, we would surely be taking the first steps of a shared handling of the Stud Book for Purebred Spanish Stallions and Mares; unfortunately, time has proven us wrong. What has happened so that things have not worked out as expected? On the one hand, the computer application failed to meet expectations, on the other, the transfer of data from the Cria Caballar has been extremely slow.  In fact, the lasted transfer of data was sent at the end of November, and the genetic markers for those horses outside of Spain were not received until well after mid-December. It has been impossible to REGISTER horses without these markers. To date, ANCCE does not consider the transfer of Stud Book data complete.  However, not everything has been negative. The databases of breeders from all over the world have been updated.  The status of the various stud farms has been and continues to be updated, while evaluations and TQBs have been carried out in many countries. The PRE Stud Book, although everything has not been as had been expected and wished, has started. Two aspect arose in the quarter of the year to further complicated the situation; the resignation of the president of ANCCE at that time, and the unilateral breach of contract on behalf of the Foundation in terms of the protocol-agreement between ANCCE and the Foundation.  This occurred at a point in time what in the best of cases, could be described as untimely, was totally unexpected from the Foundation, which, in addition to being a member of ANCCE, was, at the time, the PRE ANCCE Stud Book representative, thanks to the agreement that had been signed, and was therefore the collaborator with ANCCE to handle the PRE Stud Book in the USA. ANCCE is a strong association, with the necessary mechanisms with which to handle such situations in the light of unethical behavior by the presidency of the Association, and to avoid a power vacuum.  Therefore, the situation has been resolved, the decision of the Foundation has been accepted, and from here, we would like to send you a message of serenity.  From the sense of normality, despite a certain of degree aversion for the actions of Foundation board members, who have put for their personal ambition above the general interests of American breeders, we would like to state our wish to carry out the following: - To create a solid structure to attend and provide US breeders with PRE Stud Book services as soon as possible term, under the umbrella of ANCCE international.
    - ANCCE guarantees that all services currently in process will be completed, and that the breeders will receive the documentation for their horses.
    - Before January 20th, each breeder who has requested services from the PRE Stud Book will be sent details of the status each one of those services.
    - Efforts will be made to get everything related to PRE updates, including registrations, evaluations etc.
    - In 2008, we would like to dedicate a special attention to the requests for registration of mature animals that have not registered, for whatever reason, and which are eligible to be included in the PRE Stud Book, if they fulfill all the aspects laid out in the established procedures.
    - As you will already have noted, the blood analysis at the evaluations or TQBs is being carried out free-of-charge.  We would like to continue forward and we want to do this with all the horses that are present in each stud farm, independently of whether or not they have had samples taken by the previous agent. This is something that will enable us to complete and to update the existent databases of all the PRE horses in each country (breeders will only pay for the blood extraction and shipment). We are therefore requesting the collaboration of all PRE breeders throughout the world.
    - In a very short time, our web-site will list the mechanisms by which LG PRE-ANCCE Stud Book services can be requested, until the procedure to be followed by the American breeders has been defined. I would like to thank you for the patience that you are shown and to let you know that I am confident that in the year that has just started, as soon as we have all the necessary tools available, and after the initial verification of the genetic markers, the LG PRE-ANCCE Stud Book will be completely up-to-date. We are willing to do all that is necessary to resolve the situation of the Stud Book so that you will be feel proud, not only of the noble PRE horses you breed and enjoy, but also of the documentation that supports them and of the services that are offered by your Stud Book. We are always available to you and would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.  
  • Source — ANCCE — 08/01/2008