• 21/12/2007

    Official communiqué of Mr. Javier Conde, ANNCE President

    ANCCE NEWSLETTER Sevilla, Spain
    December 17th, 2007

    Dear Member: As you have all been made aware through the official ANCCE communiqué of December 5th (2007), Mr. Jose Palma has, in writing, irrevocably resigned as President of the Association.  After having accepted his resignation, the Board of Directors has appointed me, as established by Association statutes, the individual in whom they delegate the functions of President. Although this appointment is not something I would have chosen, I have nevertheless decided to accept the honor and responsibility of assuming the Presidential functions of the Association that I respect so much.  While I hope that this situation does not extend further than what is absolutely necessary, in the meantime, I will fulfill the appointed task with the absolute honesty, loyalty and determination needed to defend the Association - with all that that implies. My appointment will not be an obstacle so that, as may otherwise have occurred under such circumstances, early elections are called before May of 2010, when the current term ends. To begin my presidency and to keep my promise of serving with absolute honesty, loyalty and determination, I have decided to propose the appointment of an independent disciplinary taskforce to the Board of ANCCE.  This taskforce will be led by an individual with high ethical standards, Mr. José Mª Rojas Paladín. In keeping with Association statues, Mr. Rojas Paladín will delegate the corresponding tasks for all necessary procedures and resolution of the proceedings that were opened due to the events that occurred during and after SICAB 2007 connected with Yeguada Torreluna. While exercising my functions as President, I will demand that full rigor and impartiality be applied to a detailed investigation so that the members can make informed decisions in regard to the measures to be applied at the upcoming General Assembly. In the exercise of my competencies, only the established channels for claims will allowed, as established by the statutes and I will act with determination and firmness to defend the stability and reputation of both ANCCE and those in management posts.  A timeline will be proposed before the Board of Directors this next January the 11th, 2008, for those matters, which can be studied, debated and resolved by those members with voting rights during the next General Assembly.  In addition to the aforementioned matters, the problems that the LG PRE Stud Book has encountered will also be discussed in depth.  The summons will be prepared for March 8th, 2008, unless some unexpected event should arise. The primary and essential challenge that the Association faces today is none other than the updating and standardization of the Stud Book.  All of those involved in this task and its services are fully dedicated to it and working in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture to be able to have everything updated at the national level by the date of the General Assembly. That handling the Stud Book is a difficult and complicated task is something that all PRE breeders know, but we must also recognize that the Stud Book management is facing a series of unforeseeable and unavoidable problems for which ANCCE was not responsible. Proof of the organizational and managerial efforts undertaken by the Association in regard to the Stud Book is the recent resolution by the Sub-Directorate General for Animal Husbandry, which permanently grants ANCCE, the right and responsibility of handling the Register for Purebred Spanish Horses and Mares.  The Resolution was officially notified this past December the 14th. Please allow me to remind and assure you that ANCCE is mature, solid and strong. Despite the fact that we are immersed in an unwanted situation, I am convinced that the institution will rise above these trails and tribulations because, among other reasons, ANCCE is far larger than those individuals who, at any given time, may either constitute or manage it.   During my presidency, I will insist that the essential task of organizing the Stud Book, as well as those that ANCCE usually undertakes, within the objectives of the Association. I will also insist that providing services and attending to its members be the main goals of the governing bodies. Whatever the matter or question, I am available to you in my new post, and wish you the very best.
    Javier Conde Cerrato
  • Source — ANCCE — 21/12/2007