• 01/10/2016

    9TH equestrian workshop: “Purebred Spanish Horse Conformation-Functional Competitions: a Useful Tool for Selection?”

    Specialists in Rules & Regulations and judging PREs at Conformation Competitions met together; Alvaro Domecq offered an equestrian exhibition to conclude the event.

    This past Saturday, the Royal Order of Chivalry of Seville Bullring hosted the 9th Equestrian Workshop to debate the current situation of Purebred Spanish Horse Conformation-Functional Competitions and the usefulness of such events in the breeding program. Royal Order of Chivalry Archivist Marcelo Maestre inaugurated the event. He was flanked by Jaime Molina, ANCCE General Director who represented Juan Tirado and Ernesto Vázquez, President of the Spanish Horse Opinion Forum (FOECE).

    In his presentation, Molina stated that “Conformation Competitions are, above all doubt, a useful tool for the breed, as such events facilitate the marketing of the winning horses, and, to a great extent in recent years, these competitions have increased the average level of the breed.” He concluded by underlining the “continued efforts made by the Spanish Horse Opinion Forum over the past 22 years and its dedication to equestrian and equine education in general, and more specifically, the Purebred Spanish Horse.”


    Vázquez expressed his appreciation to the speakers and those participating in this 9th workshop. He advocated the versatility of Purebred Spanish horses as an ideal breed for a wide range of uses.

    The various speakers were all outstanding specialists and technicians in the field of Conformation. Ignacio Bravo—member of the technical team in charge of drafting the Judging Manual and the President of the Technical Committee of Judges in the field of Conformation—and Francisco Peña—Professor at the University of Cordoba School of Veterinarian Science and member of the technical team drafting the new Conformation Competition Rules & Regulations, as well as the Judging Manual—were two of the main speakers. After a short cocktail, members of the Forum—Miguel de Rojas, José Mª de la Lastra and Juan Manuel Fernández Argüeso—debated the new competition model from the viewpoint of FOECE with the participants.


    Finally, the workshop concluded with an equestrian exhibition directed by Álvaro Domecq who is a mounted bullfighter, breeder and member of FOECE. The show included his own horses as well as several from Yeguada Rafael Conde, Yeguada La Cartuja, Yeguada Olivera and Candau.

    These workshops are organized by FOECE (Purebred Spanish Horse Opinion Forum) and count on the participation of PRE specialists and breeders from all over Spain, in collaboration with ANCCE (National PRE Breeders’ Association). The main objective of these workshops is to deepen into topics of interest that have a direct relationship with the Purebred Spanish Horse, its development and growth.

  • Source — ANCCE — 01/10/2016