• 28/09/2016

    El Caballo Español Magazine "SICAB 2016". 20% discount when advertising your stud farm!!

    Issue 233 of the magazine El Caballo Español will see the light this November. It is a very special issue, not only because of the content but also the double print run and special distribution at SICAB 2016. The magazine will be available at the most important national and international equestrian fairs where ANCCE has a stand. Thus, this edition is the perfect platform to advertise your stud farm since it is aimed toward specialized readers who are PRE consumers and users of equestrian and equine products.

    Included herein is the dossier with the various rates and advertisement formats. Additional information such as print runs, distributions and coverage has also been included. Since members are dispersed all over the world, this magazine has an English version which is making a great impact internationally. El Caballo Español is published online and emailed to over 20,000 stud farms all over the world.

    [PDF] Advertisement dossier El Caballo Español magazine

    Likewise, we would like to remind you that we have three other digital media channels to advertise your stud farm: the ANCCE website, SICAB TV and ANCCE´s official contests app. All three systems provide current information including news, rankings, videos and online results for Purebred Spanish Horses, ANCCE and SICAB. Thanks to this, your advertisement reaches your target audience (stud farms, ridders and enthusiasts) in a very effective, efficient and direct manner.
    Each media channel facilitates the positioning of your own web site.

    For further information, questions or suggestions, please contact us at +34 954-689-260 or via email at prensa@ancce.com
  • Source — ANCCE — 28/09/2016