• 26/09/2016

    Ángel García Palacio, winner of the 2017 SICAB Poster Contest

    “The beauty of proportion” was chosen from among the 71 works of art presented from 11 different countries

    The work “The beauty of proportion” by the artist Ángel García Palacio (Ecija, Seville) was declared the winner of the SICAB 2017 Poster Contest, summonsed by ANCCE, the PRE Breeders’ Association, within the scope of the activities programmed to celebrate the 27th edition of the International PRE Trade fair, SICAB 2017 which will be presented during the course of SICAB 2016.


    The Chief Judge was Juan Carlos Cabrera, Sevilla City Hall Alderman for Security, Mobility and Major Festivities. Members-at-large included Juan Tirado, president of ANCCE; Pedro Pingarrón, president of the ANCCE Communication, Promotion and Marketing Commission; Francisco Angelet, Juan Miguel Moreno, Javier Amián y Gonzalo Aboín members of the aforementioned Commission. Their time, dedication and collaboration are greatly appreciated. After a selection process out of seventy one works, the Judges entitled with the maximum score being for Ángel García Palacio.

    This work is inspired by the beauty of the proportions of the Purebred Spanish Horse as well as the parallelism with the golden ratio which is present in both nature and art. The technique used for this poster has been acrylic over a hardwood panel fulfilled in an iconic and effective manner. It represents the head of a grey horse in line with a spiral over a main chalky sand and red color background.

    With this award—worth €3,000—the winning artist will have another landmark in his career. In addition, two Honorable Mentions, with a €1,000 each, have been granted. These corresponded to the sevillian artist Antonio Picchi Álvarez, with the work “Caballar Andalusí. Paso Español” and Manuel Higueras, from Malaga, with “The Dream of the Carthusians”.

    “Caballar Andalusí. Paso Español”
    “The Dream of the Carthusians”

    The poster contest has enjoyed ample participation; it has exceeded our expectations, not only in the number of works presented, but also the diversity of origins. Art work has been sent from all over Spain, as well as many other countries which include Colombia, the United States, Finland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

    Open to artists and designers, contestants had to be at least 18 years of age, but from anywhere in the world. Work had to be original and unedited using a wide variety of techniques (painting, oil paint, photographs, graphic design…).

  • Source — ANCCE — 26/09/2016