• 26/09/2016

    19 PRE horses considered “Excellent” at the 13th Final for the Young Horse Selection Tests for Dressage

    74% of the participating horses were PREs

    From the 21st to the 25th of September the city of Valencia has hosted the Young Horse Selection Test Final for the discipline of Dressage, coordinated by ANCCE, together with the Spanish National Young Horse Championship Final, a qualifier for the ANCCE Cup Final.

    Of the 160 qualified horses considered Excellent for the Dressage category for 4-year-olds, five PRE horses were included. Sonajero ARB owned by Ángel Prado Alonso and bred by Yeguada San Antonio- with an average of 73.800%- qualified first within the Spanish horses participating and second place in the general ranking. Of the horses participating in the 5-year-old category, eight were considered Excellent. The PRE with the highest score was Quincallo de Índalo with an average of 77.200% from Yeguada El Índalo. In the category for 6-year-olds, six horses were considered Excellent for Dressage; Albeitar TR from Yeguada Acosta Ponce was first with a maximum score of 80.500%.

    Four horses were considered Very Good for Dressage in the 4-year-old category and two in the 5-year-old category.

    Four horses in the category for 4-year-olds were considered Good while there was one horse in the category for 5-year-olds and three in the 6-year-olds.

    This Final concludes the 2016 Dressage Performance Tests. Following this assessment, those horses achieving the category of Recommended Young Breeding Stock will be published in the corresponding Breeder Catalog and in the PRE Stud Book, for dissemination within the scope of the PRE Breeding Program.

    Lastly, the high quality of the horses presented at both of the PSCJ Final and the Spanish National Young Horse Championships must be highlighted. Once again, there were a number of impressive PREs, including Vestusto JV I the 1st owned by Caballería Esteve and bred by Yeguada Juan Vázquez. This PRE had qualified first place for the category 8 to 9-year-olds with an average of 73.250% followed by Albeitar TR with an average of 80.500% from Yeguada Acosta Ponce which qualified third place for 6-year-olds category. Once again the Purebred Spanish Horse has held a privileged place on the breed ranking.

    The ANCCE web site at www.ancce.com provides all of the results earned by the various horses participating in the 13th PSCJ Championships and the final for the Spanish Horse Championship (ANCCE Cup).
  • Source — ANCCE — 26/09/2016