• 29/07/2016

    Communiqué from the ANCCE Executive Committee

    At the ordinary meeting of the ANCCE Executive Committee held on July 22nd, the Board unanimously agreed to respond to the communiqué made by Mr. Antonio Ruiz Fernández, after he resigned from all governing bodies of ANCCE, with this statement.

    The ANCCE Executive Committee deeply regrets the content of the letter published by Mr. Ruiz and sent to members of ANCCE as well as to the specialized press as being extemporaneous, inexact and failing to meet with reality.

    Indeed, it is troublesome when a person, who, for more than twenty years has held posts of maximum responsibility at ANCCE, expresses himself in the terms used without launching measures to solve the presumptive irregularities he reports, and over such an extended period of time. That is not just collusion due to omission, but out-and-out negligence when complying with the demands and responsibilities of his post, in such case that his declarations be true.

    In his dispatch, Mr. Ruiz overlooked certain facts that could be extremely relevant for members of ANCCE when seeking to have a complete picture of what his note seeks to express in such a truly biased manner:

    a) It is true that since accepting his post as a member of the current ANCCE Executive Committee and after the agreement of candidates, Mr. Ruiz expressed his personal aversion toward ANCCE’s General Director, and to the extent that he requested his dismissal on repeated occasions. Likewise, it is also true that he never once presented motives, whether professional or employee-related to sustain severance.

    b) That on repeated occasions, this matter was discussed by the Executive Committee and in May of 2015, it was presented to the Board of Directors for their consideration. A qualified majority of the Board rejected the proposal to fire any ANCCE employee as there were no objective or economic reasons to justify dismissing any Association employee.

    c) At ANCCE, agreements are reached in a free and democratic manner by those who are members of its governing bodies, with the imposition of personal opinions being impossible. By no means should this be understood as failure to comply with the established program.

    d) Accepting the majority opinion of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee is the basic principle upon which the governance of ANCCE must and is sustained. Anyone who fails to accept this elemental prerequisite for any democratic systems is free to leave, but under no circumstance can he/she impose his/her own government model by force and without counting on the majority.

    e) All ANCCE employees, including the General Director, comply with the mandates given by the Executive Committee and of course, the Board of Directors. They comply in full and efficiently with said mandates. It is only the governing bodies of the Association that “pull the strings” within the scope of this institution.

    f) It is ironic that Mr. Ruiz concludes his statement with the following language: “…and the noble and honorable career of many people have made the PRE a horse to be found universally; it has obtained the Stud Book management as a basic instrument for the development of the breed…and in the end, it has arisen as one of the most notable breeder associations in the world with the capacity to organize such important events as SICAB, as well as innumerable other achievements that would be too long to recite.”

    In other words, the successes of ANCCE throughout its history, successes that must be remembered have been attained by all of those people who have participated in the various governments that have led this Association with dignity and noble spirit and that must also be extensive to the professionals without whom we would have never reached the success that Mr. Ruiz indicates.

    In virtue of this situation, the ANCCE Executive Committee reiterates its staunch rejection of the opinions express by Mr. Ruiz Fernández, and repeats its intention hereafter to continue to accept the majority and democratic opinions of its governing bodies as the only means to exercise power within this Association.

    The Executive Committee would like to state that it is a firm believer in freedom of speech. Nevertheless, it does consider that the attitude shown by Mr. Antonio Ruiz is malicious and detrimental for the social interests of ANCCE, which is an institution that he surprisingly tries to defend, not by contacting you as a member but through the publicity given.

    From this Committee, we would like to summons everyone to composure and peace of mind. We request that you use the association means to participate when considered appropriate to avoid the damage that this attitude could generate in an organization such as ours and to people, including ANCCE staff, who have collaborated to reach such high levels as referred to by Mr. Ruiz. In his case, and knowing the means available thanks to his experience at ANCCE, has chosen not used.

    This Executive Committee refuses to enter into controversy and will be governed by Association by-laws and independently of the actions that a given individual may exercise when he feels offended, as expressed by Mr. Ruiz.
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/07/2016