• 06/07/2016

    ANCCE has signed a collaboration agreement with Foro Iberoamericano de Ciudades to promote Purebred Spanish Horses

    ANCCE has signed a collaboration agreement with FIC, the Foro Iberoamericano de Ciudades (Ibero-American Forum of Cities), organized by Fundación Ciudad (foundation) to promote the Purebred Spanish Horse as a breed, both nationally and internationally. This private, non-profit organization works to promote cities as a space for social harmony and the vital development of its inhabitants.

    The collaboration agreement was signed by Tomas Vera, President of the Foundation and Juan Tirado, President of ANCCE at the main offices of Fundación Ciudad in Madrid.


    Both organizations, as a means to promote Marca España, consider the Purebred Spanish Horse to be one of Spain’s best examples of its history and culture. As part of the artistic and cultural program, exhibits with PRE horses will be included at each of the countries where the Foro Iberoamericano de Ciudades 2016-2018 holds events (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Central America and final in Madrid at the end of 2018).

    This November, the city of Santander will host the first Forum to be held on this side of the Atlantic. Between 500 and 700 national and international mayors, public representatives, governors, entrepreneurs among others will be on hand for the event. ANCCE will be participating as a collaborator to organize an equestrian show with PRE horses to present the breed’s virtues, versatility and noble spirit.

    Likewise, the Forum—an event of exceptional public interest—will collaborate by promoting SICAB at each of the countries within its scope of action.

    Fundación Ciudad undertakes a wide range of international activities with public organizations, cities, governments, multi-lateral bodies, social organizations as well as many other functions. The Foundation enjoys the collaboration of outstanding intellectuals, academics and specialists from all over the world.
  • Source — ANCCE — 06/07/2016