• 04/07/2016

    New PRE Stud Book Commission make up

    At the ANCCE Executive Committee meeting, held on June 17, it was unanimously agreed to appoint the ANCCE PRE Stud Book Commission, in keeping with the new Rules and Regulations approved at the Assembly.

    As such, the new Commission is expected to hold a constitutional meeting on July 8th. Following the criteria laid out in the Rules, it includes the follow people and posts:
    - Juan Tirado Agudo, President.
    - Javier Conde Cerrato, Vice-president.
    - Ignacio Candau Fernández-Mensaque, Member-at-large (breeder with 20 years of seniority at ANCCE).
    - José Ignacio Sánchez Velázquez, Member-at-large (breeder).
    - Feliciano Reyes Seda, Member-at-large representing the PRE Breeding Program Management Commission.
    - Álvaro Muguruza Garteizgogeascoa, Member-at-large representing Associations that are members of ANCCE.

    From now on, this Commission will be responsible for all matters regarding the management of the PRE Stud Book, as indicated in the Rules and Regulations.
  • Source — ANCCE — 04/07/2016