• 01/07/2016

    Communiqué from the ANCCE Executive Committee

    At the latest ANCCE Executive Committee meeting, held on Friday, the 17th of June, letters sent by three members of the Committee were read. Specifically, Mr. Pedro Vallejo Ruiz (Vice-president), Mr. Antonio Ruiz Fernández (Secretary) and Mr. Manuel Novales de la Escalera (Member-at-large) informed the Association President of their irrevocable resignation for personal reasons.

    Given this situation, the Executive Committee unanimously agreed to appoint the following substitutes:
    Mr. José Juan Morales will occupy the Vice-presidency of ANCCE; ​​Mr. ​José Luis de la Escalera García and Mr. José Varo Garrido will be members-at-large while Mr. Ignacio Candau Cruz-Conde will become the secretary.

    It was also decided that Mr. Pedro Pastor and Mr. José Díaz Solís become voting members of the ANCCE Executive Committee. ​
  • Source — ANCCE — 01/07/2016