• 30/06/2016

    Regarding the MARCADOR case, new court ruling favors ANCCE

    ANCCE, in its efforts to preserve the purity of the Purebred Spanish Horse as a breed, and in the light of well-founded doubts regarding the truth of the situation, proceeded, in 2010, to remove the horse Marcador from the PRE Stud Book register, including any and all descendants.

    Since then, several of the affected breeders lodged legal actions against this measure. In all cases, the court rulings—the latest of which was in this past month of June—were favorable for ANCCE.

    Mr. Antonio Gorreta Suero lodged lawsuit against ANCCE, demanding €150,000 in compensation for the suspension of all registrations regarding the horse Marcador and its progeny. On the eighth of June, 2016, a sentence was announced, by which the entire case presented by Mr. Gorreta against ANCCE has been fully dismissed, with the former being sentenced to pay all court costs.

    Likewise, Mr. Juan Rosal García lodged a lawsuit against ANCCE, Mr. Rey Álvarez and Mr. Javier Conde Cerrato, requesting that the suspension be lifted regarding the registration of the horse Marcador and its progeny. Said lawsuit also requested a compensation totaling €109,726.60, as well as all maintenance costs for his suspended horses. Once again, a final and not appealable decision was handed down on the twenty-eighth of April, 2016, by which the case was dismissed, without ruling payment of the costs, as the plaintiff withdrew his case.

    Lastly, Ms. Elena Pilar Palomino Borbón y Martínez del Cerro filed an appeal under contentious-administrative jurisdiction against the ruling by the General Technical Secretariat, which failed to recognize the appeal against the ANCCE decision to tentatively suspend the registration of the horse ALD GOERITO, having the final sentence been passed by the Superior Court of Justice in Madrid, on the seventeenth of May, 2013, thus dismissing the plaintiff’s claims.

    Once again, such rulings endorse ANCCE’s due process as the manager of the PRE Stud Book and as the body that is responsible for safeguarding the coherence of actions taken to preserve, improve and promote the breed.
  • Source — ANCCE — 30/06/2016