• 11/06/2016

    Live broadcast of the draw for Judges at National competitions

    On Monday, the 13th of June, at 5 in the afternoon, on the ANCCE web site 

    This next Monday, when the clock strikes 5 in the afternoon, the draw to select both the main and substitute judges for Conformation Competitions in the national category will be broadcast live from the main ANCCE office. The draw will appoint the judges for competitions held as of the first week of August until November.

    The draw will take place in keeping with the current legislation. It is open to the general public and organizing committees. You can follow it live from the ANCCE web site, a complete listing of all horses qualified to day for the SICAB 2016, World PRE Championship on the ANCCE web portal, as well as weekly conformation information and updates of results as the come in. If you prefer, use the Official ANCCE Competition App to consult the latest information.

    [VIDEO] Live broadcast
  • Source — ANCCE — 11/06/2016