• 02/06/2016

    Technical Committee of Judges drafts a Code of Ethics to guarantee appropriate judging at Conformation-Functional Competitions

    The Technical Committee of Judges has drafted a Code of Ethics to identify those principles and values that Judges and the Association consider to be of major importance when judging Purebred Spanish horses and mares. This code is not seen as an option, but rather a mandatory conviction for judges to follow.

    This Code of Ethics seeks to develop the principle values of ethics, such as independence, fairness, justice, competence, correctness and integrity. At the same time, it strives to become a guide for the correct actions of all judges.

    The Technical Committee of Judges has created an email address at comitejueces@ancce.com where suggestions relative to the Code or other Conformation-Functional Competition-related topics may be sent.

    [PDF] Download Code of Ethics​
  • Source — ANCCE — 02/06/2016