• 20/05/2016

    Last chance to advertise in HORSEMANSHIP!!

    Send us your request before May 31st and advertise your stud farm in the main equestrian magazine of China

    For the Press, Promotion and Marketing Commission, one of its main challenges is to work tirelessly to promote, present and disseminate our beloved PRE horse, together with its advantages and aptitudes for sports. The focus is on major emerging markets with economic capacity and where there is growing enthusiasm for horses and an upwards trend in the number of professional riders.

    With this objective in mind, we have reached an agreement with China’s main equestrian magazine—HORSEMANSHIP—to draft and publish an issued dedicated exclusively to the Purebred Spanish Horse. With six thousand copies sent out every month, the main destination are the more than one thousand riding clubs throughout China, as well as subscribers, who, for the most part, are entrepreneurs and professionals in the country.

    From the ANCCE Press office, we are designing the contents of this special and unique issue, in which there are 12 pages for publicity, destined exclusively to ANCCE breeders. Thus, breeders may advertise their stud farms at a special price of €1000 + VAT per page, €500 + VAT for half a pages or €1500 + VAT for a publicity report.

    The various advertising formats will be translated into Chinese by the magazine editor, at no additional cost. Should you wish to take advantage of this special advertising bargain, fill out the form provided below, and email it to ancce@ancce.com before May 31st. Requests will be accepted on a first-come-first serve basis.

    [WEB] Sample section of the digital magazine

    PDF sample section of the magazine

    Publicity request form
  • Source — ANCCE — 20/05/2016